yia-yia’s greek foods
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stanley (stellios) nicolaides -owner  

our signature lines of greek foods are authentic family
recipes. we specializein foods of northern greece.

thessalonica packages entrees;
choice of
braised lamb, artichokes, lemon
lemon oregano chicken
ouzo chicken
orange chicken
bistek w/ feta & mustard
mousaka w/ choice of meat
plake-rock cod with vegetables
choice of manestra
w/ tomato or butter
greek roasted patatules
choice of
greek (no lettuce) salad
(tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, bell pepper, feta)
(chilled greens with lemon)
packages also include
tomato cinnamon green beans
pita, tzatziki
$14.00 per person
ravina-our famous farina cake
koukla’s baklava-our family recipe
kiki’s butter cookies
add $1.25 per person
we also offer
*** additional greek  entrees and desserts.
****  greek dj, live music, & belly dancing
*****  full line of catering, all nationalities

mikhaili’s  gyro  party
the real deal, patterned after donar’s gyros in seloncia
choice of gyro meats-7-lbs
citrus chicken
black mustard pork
bistek w/ oregano
tzatziki, eggplant dip, chopped tomatoes, red onion,
hot peppers (on request), greek salad or horta, pita bread
20-person min- $9.99 per person
make your own party a la carte
42 pieces - $35.95
42 pieces - $35.95
tzatzkiki or eggplant
dip & pita - $35.95
75 each w/ dips - $35.95
35 pieces - $35.95
meatballs - $35.95
combo of above, serves 24 - $139.95
add combo to meal packages - pp 3.00
pavlo's whole fish (salmon) 
with herbs and wine
itea lamb chops
charbroiled with lemon
20 each - $45.95
serves 10 - $45.95
available with meat or vegetarian
our mousaka has no egg